Five Ways to Protect your Accounts from Hackers

Five Ways to Protect your Accounts from Hackers

In the present era of technology, We became digitalize, even our personalized information i.e; the information related to our finance, bank accounts, our social connections all are stored in online databases. We have seen so many ongoing issues regarding security breaches for their own data or information. “Information is Wealth” one of the famous proverb, some will make other information for their own gaining wealth, and some will make their information secure and save their wealth from theft. There are so many options for maintaining the privacy of our accounts. Even though the majority of people and firms are victims of these cybercrimes. For that purpose, one should be aware of the basic things to make your account protected from hackers which is mandatory to make your information secure. It is not a very big thing to deleted the hacked accounts, but one should prevent their personalized data and accounts safe and secure in today’s connected world. There are so many ways to minimize your risk and protect your data from hackers. Some of the factors which should be followed to avoid data breach and to protect your accounts from hacking are mentioned below.

Make sure your account is secured in registered sites

There is a chance of being hacked by unauthorized to steal data available on particular sites, so it’s better to make sure that your account is being secured on those websites. Have a regular visit to that site where you created your account. So, You can always do a quick Google and the site Vigilante.PW maintains a searchable directory of reported hacks and data breaches. If you find that the website you use has been compromised, it’s a good idea to change the password for your account.

Check whether your accounts have been compromised

there is an option or a resource available as an open-source, which allows you to see if an account of yours has been compromised (or “pwned,” an internet term meaning dominated or owned) in a data breach. To do so use “The site Have I Been Pwned?” and come to know whether your accounts are in the invulnerable stage. HIBP collects data (email addresses and usernames, not passwords) from publicly leaked breaches and aggregates it to make it easy to search its database for your email or username. When you enter your email or username, it provides a list of breaches in which your account was found, listing the site, a short summary of the incident, and the data that may have been compromised. If you find yourself “pwned,” then immediately change your passwords for not only the compromised or hacked account but also any other account that shares the same password as yours and also for your email account as well.

Create strong passwords

It is the major thing to create a very strong password while creating an account. The default passwords like “password1” and “12345678” are the two easiest passwords to guess and use for hacking by hackers. Every account of yours should have a different password and all of them should be very strong(better to use special characters in the middle). Research shows one good option is long passwords (at least 12 characters) with at least two or three different types of characters (lowercase, uppercase, digits, and symbols) put in unpredictable places – no capital letters at the beginning and no digits or symbols lumped at the end. Another very good method is to combine partial 2-4 not related words together and mix in other types of individual characters. Your online net banking and Gmail accounts should have specifically strong passwords, as they hold your most valuable information. Better avoid your date of births and special dates and person names related to you as a password, to avoid your accounts from hacking.

Use a password manager

It will be difficult to remember these strong and random passwords for all your accounts, So, it is helpful for you to use a password manager like LastPass or Dashlane to keep track of them for you better access. Many password managers can even generate randomized strong passwords for you and run security audits to let you know when passwords are weak and are used across multiple accounts.

Enable two-factor authentication

Nowadays, Most sites offer two-factor authentication as a security measure. You log in with your username and password and then asked to enter a validation code(mostly in digits), usually sent by text message to your phone. By taking this security measure, it is very difficult for the hackers to hack your account even after having your password they need to enter the code which is texted to your mobile by the site authority.

Learn basic methods of Hacking

This is my personal suggestion for you to learn the basic things of Ethical hacking(one of the easiest ways to hack accounts), to prevent your own accounts from hacking. Use different methods of ethical hacking to check whether your account is being secured from data breaches and also from unauthorized hacks. Learn to use MI Account Unlock Tool if you ever lose your password or cannot get access to your MI smartphone.

These are some of the important steps to be followed to make your accounts safe and secure.


It is very important to make your accounts secured and protect yourself from being a victim of cybercrimes. Follow some of the basic steps to keep your data available on the internet safe and secure. It is suggestible for everyone to change their account passwords frequently to avoid hacking. Don’t share your passwords with anyone through your mobile phones or on any social networking sites. Feel free to post any doubts related to this article in below comment section. We will come out with a better solution.