ACMarket iOS – Download for iPhone or iPad

ACMarket iOS is the Apple App Store alternative for iPhone or iPad. ACMarket for iOS lets you download modded and paid Apps for free.

If you are in the Apple ecosystem it’s hard to use Apps/Products from other brands. Similarly, on any Apple device, you won’t find anyone using anything other than the Apple App Store which is kind of a monopoly on its own. Now with ACMarket, you get an option to switch around and try different Apps other than what Apple caters to you. ACMarket iOS is an App Store for iPhone and iPad users where they can find cracked, modded, and paid apps for free. It is an App Market iOS that bypasses in-app subscriptions and makes the app completely free.

ACMarket iOS


ACMarket iOS has some of the coolest features that might want you to keep using it, let’s have a look.

  • Huge collection of iOS Apps compatible with both iPhones and iPads. You can look for different categories like Entertainment, Game, Music, Themes, etc.
  • Better and smooth user interface just like native iOS apps. It supports all big and small screen sizes on iPhones or iPads. Elements like Search, Menu, Settings, and so on are very well optimized.
  • You do not need to Jailbreak your iPhone to use ACMarket iOS.
  • This app store is free of cost along with all the apps you download from it which is the biggest selling point. As you may know, Apple charges a lot for the apps on its App Store.
  • ACM is hosted on a high-speed dedicated server with a 256-bit secured connection. This makes it 100% safe and virus-free.
  • Other features include Dark Mode, Download Manager, Quick Search, Auto Updates, and so on.

Install ACMarket iOS

You can get this App Store on your iPhone or iPad by following these simple steps:

  • Open this page in Safari or Chrome on your Apple device, just type ‘ACMarket.Mobi’ in the address bar.
  • Close the Ad Pop-Up and go to the Apps/Games download page.
    close the Ads on acmarket ios
  • Now you can use the search feature as shown in the screenshot to find your favorite Apps.
    search option in Ac market for ios
  • After searching the app you want, click on Get, which will start the download and installation process automatically on your iPhone or iPad.
    installing app from acmarket ios 2023
  • You can switch to the Dark Mode feature while the downloading is going on cause why now?
    dark mode in ACM
  • After installation is finished, run the Application from the home screen and enjoy.

If you get an Untrusted Developer Error or Issue then the solution is given right below.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error

Fix Untrusted Developer Error on iOS

Apple has this setting that blocks the installation of third-party apps. This is mainly due to security reasons but you can disable this for installing ACMarket iOS. As we have assured you before, this app is 100% safe and contains no viruses.

Just follow these steps to fix the error:

  • Go to Settings on your iOS device and click on the General menu.
  • Now open Profiles & Device Management.
  • Click on the option App/Game Profile and Trust it.
  • Now repeat the process of installing the App and you will not get this error.

File Info

These are the tech specs of this app:

App Name ACMarket iOS
Platform iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15, iOS 16, iOS 17
Size 8.2 MB
Version 4.9.5
File type .mobileconfig
Package Name acmarket.mobileconfig

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AC Market available for iOS?

Yes, AC Market is available for iOS with amazing features and a huge library of apps to select from. It is a great alternative to the Apple app store. It is also free of cost.

How can I download AC Market on iOS?

You can download AC Market in iOS very easily by clicking the download button given on this page. We have a full installation process mentioned above on how to install this app on iPhone or iPad.

ACMarket iOS Alternatives

Panda Helper

It is one of the popular and oldest alternatives but installing this app is not very easy. Panda Helper sometimes requires users to jailbreak their iPhones which becomes an issue for users. ACMarket is totally awesome in this case as you can install it on iOS without any problem.

TutuApp Store

This app store alternative provides a vast library of apps in all categories like Games, Entertainment, Business, etc. Tutuapp is a very good option if ACM is not working on your iPhone. This app is a very good option for iPad users as it is very responsive and works well on big screens.

AppValley Installer

This is by far the best alternative for ACM as it has the same amount of apps and features as ACM. You can easily download Appvalley from its website without any hassle while the other suggested app requires a jailbreak and whatnot.


Don’t get us wrong, Apple App Store is great but it has been the only option for iOS users for years. Now with the launch of ACMarket iOS, they have a great alternative that is actually better in many ways.

The developers are working on this App Store iOS very passionately and in the near future, we will definitely see some great updates. If you love Apps and Games on the iPhone or iPad then you should definitely download and install ACM. Also, let us know what do you think about this App store in the comments below.

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