Solid Streamz APK Download v1.8 for Android to watch live TV

Download Solid Streamz APK v1.8 for Android to watch live TV for free. provides the latest version of this Android app to watch live TV on the go on your Android device or Windows PC.

This app allows you to enjoy watching live TV channels with your friends and family for absolutely free. You can watch shows from various categories like News, Movies, Stock Market, Sports, Comedy, etc. All these channels are available in various qualities which you can tune according to your data network speed. Yes, HD resolution is available for all the channels which run with no lag or buffer at all. With so many events coming by you definitely need this app to watch soccer, basketball, political events, etc. Solid Streamz comes with a lot of features which makes it easier to use on both big and small screens. Following now we’ll share the best features and tutorials on how to get this application up and running of your Android smartphone or tablet. You can also check out our other tutorial on how to download Solid Streamz for PC.

solid streamz apk

Official APK file of Solid Streamz can be downloaded directly by clicking the button below. This app is not available on Google Play Store due to developer issues but you can download the official APK from our website. Click the button below to access the download page. You can continue reading the article and know about the various features this app offers. If you want to know how to install this application on your Android smartphone, tablet or any other device we have a tutorial for that too.

Download Solid Streamz App


Download Solid Streamz APK via AC Market

Solid Streamz, the app you all love and support has now partnered up with one of the best app provide or app marketplace for Android which is AC Market app or Getapk. This app provides access to a lot of Android apps that are directly not available on the Android Play Store. As you already know, due to some difficulties Solid Streamz is not available on Google Play Store which makes it harder for the people to find it and download it. Therefore, we decided to partner with AC Market which is also a big Android marketplace and you can just search Solid Streamz in the app and download it instantly. So now you have two options, either download the app directly from the download button above or click on this download button below to get AC Market latest version and then search for the Solid Streamz app in there and press the download button.

Features of SolidStreamz

Search for any TV channel and watch any show at any time!

With the Solid Streamz App, you can watch Live TV at any time anywhere as long as you have a good, stable internet connection. No need to think about looking for links or going through countless ads just to stream a football match. With SolidStreamz you can watch all your shows, ad-free and for free! Hop on today!

More than 1000 channels from all across the globe

If you’re worried that your TV show might not be on, stop burdening yourself. There are more than 1000 channels available on SolidStreamz including all of the popular ones, so there’s no way you’ll miss out on a TV show cause the channel isn’t available.

Android TV, Fire Stick, and Chromecast integration

With Solid Streamz you can cast your show onto any Android TV, Fire Stick or Chromecast device on the same network as you. With this option on your hands, you’re not simply restricted to watching your favorite shows on your mobile screen. You can cast it upon any of the aforementioned services and continue your viewing experience on the big screen.

Extremely fast servers which work with effectively no delay

Whether it be a live stream of a previously broadcasted TV show you can rest assured that there will be no issues with the Stream at least from the server-side, now whether your internet is up to the test in your problem, so make sure you have a good working internet connection before you try to get onto the backs of the devs.

Various languages available

With this app you’re not simply restricted to English, there are multiple language options available and you can select any one of them and enjoy your watching experience.

Mark favorite channels

With the app, you can also set favorite channels that will appear on your home screen every time you log in. There is also a favorites tab where you can access all your favorite channels or TV shows. This comes in handy when you’re in a hurry to catch Live Tv shows, no need to shuffle around go from page to page looking for the channel you need. You can simply mark the channel as a favorite and go find it there every time you log in.

Push notifications every time a new channel get added

Every time a new channel is added up for streaming you can if so chose to accept them, receive a push notification about the newly added channel.

Requirements for using the Solid Streamz App

solid streamz live tv

  • Multimedia Capable Android device (smartphone, tablet or even tv)
  • Android version 4.0 or higher
  • 10 MB of internal storage space or higher
  • A stable internet connection which will let you stream the shows easily and effectively without lag or buffering

How to install and use Solid Streamz?

Before installing

Before installing or downloading the application apk make sure that you have allowed the system to install applications from unknown sources.

Don’t know how to do that? Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. Just follow the steps given below and you’ll be good to go.

  • Open settings
  • Tap security
  • Enable “Unknown sources” option

solid streamz

Once you’ve followed these three steps you’re good to continue with the installation of the application

How to install Solid Streamz apk

Now, something to note is that the Solid Steamz apk isn’t available on the Google Play Store so you’ll have to download the apk externally, which is why we had to enable the unknown sources in the first place.

Step 1: Download the SolidStreamz apk

You can get the Solid Streamz apk download link if you scroll down and click on the link below.
The download will start. Wait for it to complete and then start the installation process.

Step 2: After the Solid Streamz download

Before installing just make sure that you have the Unknown sources option checked in your setting otherwise you will not be able to install the application at all.

Step 3: Install the app

Tap the downloaded apk and proceed to tap Install.

Once the app is installed you can proceed to watch your favorite channels.

Step 4: Use the app and watch your favorite TV shows.

solid streamz for android

As you can see on the little screenshot we’ve attached. The top navigation bar has all the languages for you to scroll through, and the list has all the channels that are available in that language. Once you’ve selected a channel you can go through the entire days’ program and watch that channel Live.

Application Details

Name: Solid Streamz
Version: 1.8
File Size: 13 MB
Minimum Requirement: Android 4.1+
Downloads: 100,000+

Solid Streamz Password

This app is free for all, you can download the free APK from our site, install it on your Android device as shown in the instructions and start enjoying live Television online. It does not ask for any type of solid streamz password whatsoever. No passwords are asked while downloading, installing or using this app. You can browse the library of hundreds of live TV channels absolutely free of cost. If this app ever asks you for a password then you might have downloaded a wrong APK from an untrusted website or source. That APK might have a virus or unethical stuff so it is always suggested to get the original version of the application APK from this site only.

tv streamz

Error: Can’t Play this Link

This is a common error that pops up sometimes in Solid Streamz live TV app for Android. This error can come due to various reasons like if your Internet is not working properly or it is not fast enough to stream that particular channel or your Android smartphone does not support the video codec of the streaming channel. Another reason, for this reason, can be your ISP. Your local Internet Service Provider might have blocked the streaming channel. So To fix can’t play this link error you can try these solutions:

  • Download and Install the latest version of Solid Streamz 1.8.
  • Make sure you have 4G LTE connectivity or a decent Wifi connection.
  • Try a VPN. A Virtual Private Network will bypass the block made by ISP.
  • Close all the apps running in the background and try again.

If these solution does not fix the can’t play this link error then it may be because of a server error. You can try after some time and it should be fixed or you can try Solid Streamz for PC until the Android version gets fixed.

Update: We read a lot of comments and we found out the main cause of this error is that the streaming channel is blocked by ISP. The solution to this is using a VPN or changing your ISP. There are many free VPN on play store like Turbo VPN, Free VPN, etc. You can download any one of them. After installing the VPN, connect to a server and then run Solid Streamz. This error will no longer trouble you.


As you can see, the entire process of watching live TV is made really simple using Solid Streamz. You can watch Live TV from over 1000+ channels on your mobile all you need to do is download this apk on your mobile and start your viewing experience.

This app is great in every aspect and right now it is more helpful than ever as there are a lot of events happening all around the world like Soccer World Cup, NFL, Political events, etc. If you have this thing installed you literally don’t have to search for any other free streaming service or pay for watching anything. You can just launch this from your Android app drawer and you are ready to go.

You can get the Solid Streamz apk download link on our website, so you won’t even have to look around the world for a download link, simply visiting our website and following the given instructions should be enough for you to cruise through and install SolidStreamz.

This app really comes in handy with a brilliant set of features on it, like the Android TV, Fire Stick, and Chromecast support and the 1000+ channel catalog that is available with it.