Apps like Solid Streamz – Alternatives

Everyone in the world loves watching live TV for entertainment. Purchasing a TV connection or subscription can be expensive and a lot of people cannot afford it. These days even though people cannot afford a TV subscription but everyone surely owns a smartphone. A smartphone running Android, iOS or a Windows PC is all you need to watch live TV because the Internet has made everything available for you. In this article, we’ll tell you about live TV streaming apps which are similar to the most popular tv streaming app Solid Streamz. These apps are free to use and you can just download them on your smartphone device to watch unlimited TV shows.

So let us begin with our list of top alternatives for Solid Streamz live TV app.

Solid Xtream

apps like solid streamz

It is one of the similar apps which streams live TV. This app uses a special code panel called Xtream which needs a host port, password and username. After these details are filled the channels are loaded from a high-speed server. It is a good app but again it is an alternative and not as good as Solid Streamz. You can use it if for some reason you don’t have access to the other app. Solid Xtream also provides a categorized list of channels which makes it easy for users to find the one they want to watch. This app is free to download.


solid streamz alternatives

This is another alternative for live TV streaming app. This app supports all kind of channels like Hindi, Bollywood, regional, English, Sports, etc. It was trending as a great platform a few years ago but then developers didn’t release updates and popularity decreased. It has all the basic features and some special features which allow you to do multi tv streaming. This app can be downloaded from the official website of the developers for free.

Geo Streamz

geo streamz

This app recently got popular among avid TV watchers because of some channels which were exclusively streaming only on Geo Streamz. Other than that it is also a great alternative for Solid Streamz as it packs all the good features and streams more than 500 channels in HD quality. If you are interested you can download this app from here: Geo Streamz.

LiveStream TV

solid streamz live tv

This app provides great streaming services for its users. Using this app you can watch thousands of local channels from Germany, Asia, UK, United States, etc. This app streams all days of the week and 24 hrs a day which some of the apps in the same category lacks. It has all the required features and it’s simple interface makes it really usable. You can directly download this app from Google Play Store in a few seconds. Developers of this app are also actively providing updates which fix any new bugs or problems which are found.

Final Verdict

There are many alternatives which we have not listed in this article like FilmOn or StreamingHD TV but they lack quality. The ones which we have listed in this article are the best ones, although they are not as good as the Solid Streamz app they can deliver what’s required. You can try out and check for yourself which one suits you, but according to us, Solid Xtream is the best alternative. Solid Xtream even resembles with the name.

You can also install all these apps on your Windows PC. Here is the guide for installing Solid Streamz for PC. Following this same steps, you can get these alternatives installed on your Android device easily.

Tell us what do you think about these apps and which one is your favourite TV streaming app in the comments below.