iEMU APK - Download for Android [Padoid APK]

download iEMU APK for Android

iEMU APK for Android lets you emulate iOS on your Android device. Download latest version of iEMU APK for free.

All Android users either hates iPhone because of the lack of accessibility or simply cannot afford an iPhone to run iOS apps. But as we all know there are millions of cool apps for iOS which are not available for Android. To get access to such apps without actually purchasing an iPhone can be done via iOS Emulator. iEMU is the best iOS Emulator available on the internet. This app allows Android users to have a similar experience to that of Apple's iOS. iEMU runs an iOS Emulator on top of your Android OS which allows users to download and install latest iOS apps and use them without any problems. Here in this article, we will share you everything about this cool app and how you can direct download IEMU apk on your Android and install it.

Download iEMU APK

iEMU apk

IEMU.apk (also known as Padoid APK) is an application for Android smartphones or other Android devices which lets users emulator the iOS on their Android software. You can get the appearance, features and premium aesthetics of iOS without buying an iPhone. This app is very unique and one of its kind as other apps may customize and make your Android look like iOS but they can never emulate iOS or run the actually Apple App Store apps on Android. You can try every app available for iOS on your Android by using this app.

Another advantage or use of this application is that developers can test their developed software or app on different platforms without actually purchasing both an Android and iOS device. This really helps the devs who are just starting, learning or other small devs who cannot afford everything.
Note: IEMU apk is also referred as Padoid APK or sometimes IEMUlator.


features of iEMU emulator

These are the coolest and essential features of this application which makes it such a cool and useful app. You can go through these and decide whether you want to download it or not. I'm sure after reading these features you'll definitely download the app.

  • It supports all available Apple App Store's application. You just need to download the app and install it inside IEMU app.
  • This application has one of the best interfaces which is very simple and easy to use for everyone.
  • It does such a great job of making your Android look and feels like iOS.
  • It is very small in size which is great as you does not need to worry about the storage space.
  • It is free of cost. Yes, you read that correct, you do not need to pay any charges anywhere to use this app.
  • It is totally free of any kind of virus and is always secured with encrypted mechanisms.
  • It uses very less RAM which lets your Android run smoothly in the background and results in better battery performance.
  • If you have a rooted Android smartphone then you can also enable different iOS animations.

File Info

File Size:22.6 MB
Minimum Requirement:Android 4.1+
Publisher:AC Market APK
Last Update Time:January 2023

iEMU Requirements

These are some small requirements this app needs to run smoothly without any lag on Android. These are very basic and every smartphone has these otherwise that phone does not deserve to be called as smart. Genius. So anyways have a look:

  • At least 256MB of RAM. These days even watches have more RAM than this.
  • You should be running Android Jellybean or above OS. Please update if not, it's almost 2019.
  • Internet connection is not a necessity but can benefit while using online iOS Apps.
  • Similarly, Root access is not necessary but having it will provide you with some extra features.

If your Android mobile qualifies these minimum requirements then you are ready to download the IEMU apk and install it.

Install iEMU APK on Android or Windows PC

install iemu apk

You can follow this simple step by step tutorial for downloading and installing the emulator on your mobile phone. If you have APKTime then it becomes even easier.

  • Firstly you need to enable the installation of APK on your Android cellphone. You can do this by going to settings, then find security settings and finally 'Unknown Sources'. Click on the toggle next to it and set it to enable. This will allow us to install APK downloaded from the Internet.
  • Now you need to download the IEMU APK file from the link below. This APK file comes officially from the developers and is 100% secured and verified by trusted sources.
  • After downloading has finished its time to install the application. Go to your file manager and then downloads folder. You'll find the APK file over there, tap on it and click Install. It will ask you several permissions which you can grant without any worries as this app is secured. After just a few seconds you'll have IEMU installed on your smartphone.
  • Now go to your Android app drawer and click on IEMU icon to run it. Congratulations, now you can have iOS experience on your Android device using this emulator.

Final Verdict

I am personally using this great emulator app on my Google Pixel smartphone to use various iOS apps which are unfortunately not available for Android. This app runs smoothly without any lag. IEMU APK is definitely the best iOS emulator out there for Android.

I hope this article helped you with downloading and installing. What are your thoughts about this application? Mention them in the comments below, also check out Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android in this next article which is another great emulator for running Nintendo 3DS games on your mobile phone.